Ziv Aginsky MSc + PhD student 2006-2012 acoustic fluid-structure interaction
Tomer Berghaus MSc student 2017-2019 chaotic rotation of nano-particles
Guy Blotnik MSc student 2005-2010 nonlinear viscoelastic vibration supression
Anat Cohen MSc student 2005-2007 spontaneous oto-acoustic emmisions
Alex Dubrovsky PhD student 2010-2014 computational vortex-induced vibration
Emanuel Fainshtein MSc student 2000-2004 nonlinear piezoelectric cantilever dynamics
Daniel Fisher MSc student 1994-1996 spectral elements for chaotic systems
Alex Gemintern postdoc (Technion) 2004-2005 nonstationary nonlinear nano-resonators
Sergey Gendel PhD student 2009-2015 computational fluid-structure interaction
Stefanie Gutschmidt postdoc (Darmstadt) 2005-2007 nonlinear dynamics of microbeam arrays
Giuseppe Habib grad student (Rome) 3-7/2007 nonlinear model-based estimation
Evyatar Hacker PhD student (direct track) 2008-2016 nonlinear magnetic force microscopy
Eyal Hollander PhD student (direct track) 2008-2017 self-excited optomechanical panel resonators
Sharon Hornstein MSc + PhD student 2003-2012 nonlinear scanning probe microscopy
Ludmila Ioffe research assoc (Moscow) 2005-2016 numerical analysis of nonlinear equations
Prashant Kambali postdoc (IIT-Hyderabad) 2017-2020 nonlinear dynamics of micro/nano beam arrays
Alex Kleiman MSc + PhD student 2006-2016 spatio-temporal fluid-structure interaction
Grigory Kogan MSc student 2007-2012 stability of a two-field whirling structure
Gaby Kosa MSc student 1998-2000 dynamics of maneuvering slender bodies
Alexander Krakovich MSc student 2010-2012 vortex-induced vibration of a tethered sphere
Anish Kumar postdoc (IIT-Kanpur) 2018-2019 nonlinear-damping of circular plates
Michael Leamy postdoc (Michigan) 1998-1999  bifurcation structure of hyperelastic strings
Ronen Maimon MSc student 1999-2003 model-based estimation of afm dynamics
La (Mila) Mi PhD student (direct track) 2012-2018 aerostat fluid-structure interaction
Karin Mora postdoc (Bath) 2014-2015 nonlinear damping in imperfect microsensors
Tova Mintz MSc student (Maryland) 2007-2009 nonlinear viscoelastic microbeam arrays
Elena Novbari MSc student 2004-2006 stability of parametrically excited thin films
Ashok Kumar Pandey postdoc (Bangalore) 2008-2010 experimental dynamics of microbeam arrays
Sangita Pandey posdoc (Allahabad) 2013-2014 hysteresis in magnetoelastic interactions
Romain Poigniot grad student (ENSICA) 1998-1999 nonlinear dynamics of whirling strings
Manikandan R postdoc (IIT-Madras) 2019-2020 stabilization of self-excited multiple rigid-bodies
Flavio Ruiz-Oliveras postdoc (COR-Leon) 2009-2010 autoresonance in chaotic systems
Johnny Saffury postdoc (Technion) 2010 internal resonances in hybrid afm dynamics
Valeria Settimi grad student (Rome) 9-12/2011 asymptotic AFM dynamics with feedback
Oriel Shoshani PhD student (direct track) 2009-2014 asymptotic vortex-induced vibration
Gabriel Vidal-Alvarez grad student (Barcelona) 1-3/2012 asymptotic nonlinear mass sensors
Luca Vitali grad student (MSc – Milano Politec) 3-7/2019 magnetomotive nanowire dynamics
Kai Wolf postdoc (Darmstadt) 2000-2001 nonlinear piezoelectric afm dynamics
Wei Wu PhD student (Beijing) 2003-2007 afm & mfm dynamics in ultra-high vacuum