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Nonlinear and chaotic dynamical systems are unpredictable even without random perturbations that are inherent in nature. We make use of multiple-scale asymptotics and numerical bifurcation analysis to investigate nonlinear interactions in systems modeled by continuum mechanics, and employ chaos theory to determine the nature of instabilities governed by sensitivity-to-initial-conditions. Our current research includes applications in nano-mechanics and fluid-structure-interaction where complex spatio-temporal dynamics and self-excited system response cannot be explained by standard linear analysis

bifurcation diagram - hyperelastic stringEUROPEAN NONLINEAR DYNAMICS CONFERENCE
Lyon Convention Center, France, July 17-22, 2022
Visit our mini-symposium on Fluid-Structure Interaction [MS-19]

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acoustic wave propagation - panel resonanceOur research on fluid-structure interaction [ FSI ] is focused on nonlinear phenomena that are governed by coupled fluid and elastic effects.
Examples include vortex-induced vibration of tethered bodies in uniform flow and non-stationary dynamics of aeroelastic structures.
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nonlinear tracking - scanning probe microscopyOur research in nano-mechanics is focused on complex thermo-visco-elastic dynamics of nano-electro-mechanical systems [ NEMS ].
Examples include internal resonances in AFM arrays, and chaotic dynamics of a nano-resonator subject to laser irradiation.
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Open positions
multi-functional sensing - nano-resonator array Postdoctoc in nonlinear dynamics and control of synchronization in nano-resonator sensor arrays for multi-functional detection [supported in part by ISF – Israel Science Foundation ].
Grad students in nonlinear Nano-Mechanics and nonlinear Fluid-Structure-Interaction.
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