How to get to our Lab

  • we are at the Technion campus on mount Carmel which overlooks Haifa bay in the eastern Mediterannean.
  • directions to the Technion.
  • we are in the Kahn Building which is  part of the Mechanical Engineering complex (north side), and can be accessed from the Lady Davis building via a bridge.

Lab Resources

Our lab is within the Center for Material Mechanics, where we have several setups for computer controlled experiments exhibiting chaotic dynamics.

  1. chaotic spherical pendulum subject to base excitation [ the Tritton experiment ].
  2. chaotic snap-through buckling mechanism.
  3. chaotic double-well potential [the Virgin experiment].
  4. nonlinear dynamics of a smart piezoelectric trimorph cantilever.
  5. chaotic current conducting whirling string in a magnetic field [ the Tuffilaro experiment ].
  6. irregular Faraday waves [ the Perlin experiment ].
  7. vortex-induced vibration of a tethered sphere [ EMPFL – the Environmental Multi-Phase Flow Lab ].
  8. inertia wheel stabilization of an inverted pendulum [ BRML – the Biorobotics and Biomechanics Lab ].
  9. Chaotic transients of a multi-link rigid-body dynamical system

Courses that we Teach

Graduate courses:

Undergraduate courses:


Our Maritime Connection

Several years ago

diving in the red sea


Several decades ago